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Practice Areas

Here are some of the services we provide. As well as the reason why I am doing this service. If there is something you need help with you do not see it just ask. Chances are we can help. This is what we are here for.

Financial Software

We will help decide which financial software is best for your company. If you have a system you already use, we have the experience to build off of it. Have over ten years in quick books experience desk top or online. With these systems I can help manage your companies finances. There is many different features that Integrates with certain financial software. With this knowledge I can run reports and keep you in the loop step by step.There is nothing better than a smooth operation.  



I can take on past due accounts that have been haunting you. I can try to settle for a less amount that you agree upon. I will have them make the payment right to you. This way you know exactly what was settled on. I will always try for full amount owed first. You will always get an update on what the situation is. If you go with this company you will be happy.



Depending on the depth of the business, we can reconcile every month. Reconciling the account will show you on a report basis where you company stands. This will also provide what needs to be worked on, as well as collected. Each company differs, so depending on the needs we can review what best suits the situation. 

Cash Management
This is very important for any growing business. The process of collecting, managing, and investing cash. Also a broad area of finance involving collecting, handling, and usage. We can give pointers and tips on how to manage the cash flow of the business. This can also help with employees as well. Better ran business is more successful.


Financial transactions that involve the business on a day to day basis. The most important aspect of accounting is to keep track of accurate accounts, make sure they are all up to date. The most vital part is Accuracy. Each transaction that happens in the company needs to be recorded in the books. Every change that is made needs to be updated on a continuous basis. This is constructed to provide Preliminary information to create accounting statements.

Journal Entry

All the entries will be done for you. This is usual one of the steps we do when we reconcile the account. We can do General Ledger or Journal entries. With our experience it is better to have one person do all of the steps. But if you prefer more than one its manageable.

Misc. Work and More...

To help construct small businesses we offer office work. This way we can get the whole operation running together smooth. From answering phones to invoicing, 10 plus years of office management and finance management will be an attribute to help hire and train the right person for the position.


As i worked in the field for different companies. I saw how others treated each other. This what made me think to be my own boss. This is not just about money to me. I want to help growing businesses. I want to succeed as well as I want others too. I have fair price for the amount of work I do. I always finish by my deadline even if it means to put in a little extra time. I take pride in all my work. No matter how big or small.

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